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Councilors represent the Chapter to the national American College of Radiology which meets annually in the spring. They, along with Chapter officers, participate in all decisions of the executive committee.

  • Roger Anderson, MD, FACR
  • Evelyn Anthony, MD, FACR
  • Charles T. Burke, MD, FSIR
  • Kevin Cregan, MD, FACR
  • Bryon Dickerson, MD, FACR
  • Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACR
  • Sujata V. Ghate, MD, FACR
  • Lauren Golding, MD
  • Valerie Jewells, DO, FACR
  • Robert Mittl, MD, FACR
  • Dale R. Shaw, MD

Alternate Councilors

Alternate councilors represent Councilors when they are unavailable. The alternate councilors also sit on the executive committee and participate in all discussions.

  • Sendhil Cheran, MD
  • Kevin Dickey, MD, FACR
  • Jason Itri, MD
  • Brenda Holbert, MD, FACR
  • Brian Kuszyk, MD, FACR
  • Satish Mathan, MD
  • James O’Brien, MD
  • Leroy Roberts Jr., MD, FACR
  • Ripal Shah, MD
  • John Stahl, MD, FACR
  • Christopher G. Ullrich, MD, FACR

Young Alternate Councilor

  • Behul Bhakta, MD
  • Pinakpani Roy, MD
  • Taylor Stone, MD

Newsletter Chair
Brenda Holbert, MD, FACR

Fellowship Chair
Valerie L. Jewells, DO, FACR

CARROS Representative
Roger F. Anderson Jr., MD, FACR

CME Chair
Dale R. Shaw, MD, FACR

Membership Chair
Lauren Golding, MD

Website Editors
Raul S. de la Vega, MD, FACR
Sendhil Cheran, MD

CAC Chairman
Lyndon Jordan, III, MD, FACR

RADPAC Advocate
Kevin M. Cregan MD, FACR

Executive Secretary
Sarah Franklin


Committee on Information

  • Kevin Dickey, MD, FACR, Chair
  • Lyndon Jordan, III, MD, FACR
  • Sendhil Cheran, MD
  • J. Michael Holbert, MD, FACR
  • Sheryl Jordan, MD, RCC
  • John Nichols, MD, FACR

Diversity Committee

  • Brenda Holbert, MD, FACR, Chair
  • Sujata Ghate, MD, FACR
  • Catherine Everett, MD, FACR
  • Leroy Roberts, Jr., MD, FACR
  • Valerie Jewells, DO, FACR

Bylaws Committee

  • Raul S. de la Vega, MD, FACR, Chair
  • John Nichols, MD, FACR

Nominating Committee

  • Bryon Dickerson, MD, FACR, Chair
  • Evelyn Anthony, MD, Chair
  • Sheryl Jordan, MD, RCC

At Large Nominating Committee

  • Mark Neely, MD
  • J. Michael Holbert, MD, FACR